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A nine-year-old Dalit child murdered in Rajasthan, CM Ashok Gehlot calls ‘mother’ cow safety their ‘top priority’, ignores question on untouchability

Ignoring the nationwide outrage on the cold-blooded murder of nine-year-old Inder Meghwal in Rajasthan’s Jalore followed by a question from media regarding the same, CM Ashok Gehlot says cow safety should be everyone’s top priority at the moment. 

Inder Meghwal was thrashed by his caste Hindu teacher because he drank water from a pot. He was in hospital for 23 days before he breathed his last. 

Talking to the media in Sawai Mansingh Stadium, Jaipur, CM Gehlot shared the state government’s plans on preparedness and mitigation of lumpy skin disease on ‘gaumata’.

Once his take on the cattle disease was over, one can hear a reporter ask for his take on untouchability which he comfortably ignores.

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