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Not a Hindu deity, but Lord Buddha: Madras High Court finds from Archeology Dept

A Hindu deity named Thalaivetti Muniappan was worshiped at a temple in Periyeri Village of Tamil Nadu. In 2011 a Buddhist trust filed a petition objecting that it’s an idol of Lord Buddha.

“The Archeology and Tamil Development department shall take control of the property and it shall maintain the same. A board can be erected inside to depict the sculpture inside the property as Buddha. The general public can also be permitted to visit this place and it shall be ensured that no poojas or other ceremonies are allowed to be performed for the sculpture of Buddha,” Justice N Anand Venkatesh said.

Many consider this a historic victory. Mission Ambedkar tweets, “The statue of Lord Buddha was being worshiped as Hindu deity Muniappan in TN’s Salem. A Buddhist trust challenged this in the Madras HC in 2011. The HC accepted the fact and ordered to restore the temple and stop the Hindu rituals there. This is a historic victory.”

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