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Battle for Access: Valmiki Community restricted by Caste Hindus from using road in Karnataka’s Haveri

Battle for Access:  Valmiki Community restricted by Caste Hindus from using road in Karnataka’s Haveri

Local residents belonging to the Dalit (Valmiki) community in Malakanahalli village, Haveri district, have alleged that  upper-caste individuals imposed restrictions on their use of a recently constructed road in the village. According to sources familiar with the matter, the road was funded under the legislator’s area development program a year ago.


In a formal complaint lodged with the tehsildar, members of the Valmiki community assert that the Kuruba community, belonging to the upper caste, has obstructed their access to the road by placing stones and wooden poles. In response, the Dalit community staged an overnight dharna in the village on Wednesday, advocating for government intervention to ensure their right to use the road.

Prompted by the complaint, Ranebennur tehsildar Hanumanthappa Shirahatti and district social welfare officer Kauser Reshma, accompanied by police officers, swiftly visited the village. A meeting was convened with representatives from both communities, emphasising the removal of obstacles placed on the road. Officials sternly warned of legal consequences if anyone obstructs the Dalit community’s access to the road in the future.

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