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Awakening to Our True Culture: The Role of Buddhism in Ending Oppression and Uniting Humanity

Identity of existence has been the basic and most sought-after conquest of human affairs. The conquest of seeking identity is nothing but the desire to be included in the joys of life through social acceptance. Learning to live in harmony has never been the métier of human existence. People get divided as soon as they have a difference of an idea or opinion. Although humans have the most advanced consciousness, they tend to rerun the monkey wiring. Running towards what’s easy and already established has left the youth with the goal of mere pleasure pursuit. As ignorance is bliss, pleasure without wisdom is a punishment to mankind. Being attracted to the pleasure of the five senses and advocating its worth is a common trend. It can be best advocated when wrapped within words like Sanatan, supreme, and ‘the only,’ where your five senses are addicted to pleasure, and knowledge is kept far away. You are not freed to find your answers, but controlled by fears. There should be meaning in pleasure, or it is an act of ignorance.

Once in a lifetime, every human gets entangled in the concept of God for several reasons. I cannot claim any existence of God nor would ever get entangled in this concept. Waiting for God is waiting for death, but one cannot be an atheist. Being an atheist is also a privilege of the oppressor, which reflects the hierarchy of resourcefulness. Bahujans still lack unity and resources. There are things that can only be learned by the wisdom of gratefulness, love, and friendship. There is no religion greater than the religion of humanity, no system greater than the system of natural justice. Hence, there can be no one greater than the BUDDHA, who takes away your delusion and caresses you with ultimate truth without any discrimination. He didn’t claim he was God and would perform miracles for you. He forbade worshipping and fundamentals that can harm any human’s transcendental abilities.

Buddhism, the path of awakening, where oppressed don’t remain oppressed but end the oppression by taking responsibility, cultivating self-respect, understanding modern as well as traditional principles of Buddhism, which are coherent with the present time and the scientific temperament. Each one is on a mission, thriving together. This is the simplicity and miracle of Buddhism. Buddha gave the ‘eight-fold path,’ which has to be followed by each Bahujan. This is our duty and responsibility before expecting any miracle or searching God by any other means. One has to develop confidence and fearlessness to walk the path and liberate themselves. In order to end oppression, it is essential to strengthen mental and physical skills. As not only the powerful are the oppressors, but those who choose to weaken themselves and not aid the weaker are also equal oppressors. Failing to reach the understanding of the above is failing even before the revival of our true culture, Buddhism. The time has come to use the available resources and strongly unite for the revival of Buddhism, our true glory.

Anika Gautam, Psychology student deciphering Buddha

(Please note that these are the personal views of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or beliefs of Dalit Desk or our organisation.)

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