Big Breaking: California Judiciary Committee Unanimously Passes Anti-Caste Discrimination Bill #SB403, Heads to Full Senate for Approval

In a significant development, the Judiciary committee of California has unanimously passed #SB403, the anti-caste discrimination bill. The passing of this bill is a major step towards eliminating caste-based discrimination in the state. The next step for the bill is to go to the full senate for approval, and if passed, it will become the first-ever anti-caste discrimination bill to be passed in any US state.

This news has been met with jubilation and celebration by supporters of the bill, who have been advocating for its passage for a long time. The unanimous passing of the bill by the Judiciary committee is a clear indication of the widespread support for the cause of ending caste discrimination in California. This development is a major victory for those who have been working tirelessly to promote equality and social justice in the state.

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