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Catholic leader writes to PM Modi about discrimination against Christians, highlights concerns over Dalit Christian marginalisation, Anti Conversion Laws

A.C. Michael, the president of the Federation of Catholic Associations of Archdiocese of Delhi and national coordinator of the United Christian Forum, has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi about the issues and discrimination faced by Christians in India. In his letter, Michael brought up several concerns, including the marginalisation of Dalit Christians in the country.

 In a letter addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, A.C. Michael highlighted several concerns about the treatment of Christians in India. The letter, dated April 21, focused on three major issues. First, Michael mentioned the “freedom of religion” laws passed in 11 states, which he argued were harmful to Christians. Second, he discussed the importance of minority schools and the attacks they have faced from majoritarian mobs. Finally, Michael highlighted the ongoing marginalisation of Dalit Christians in India, who are unable to benefit from reservations meant for Scheduled Castes.

Michael argued that the anti-conversion bill in many states was being used to harass religious minorities, while minority schools were facing violent attacks and property damage. He also pointed out that Dalit Christians were deprived and marginalised, yet were unable to benefit from reservations meant for Scheduled Castes. In his conclusion, Michael asked the prime minister not to let anybody try and diminish the diversity and vibrancy of India.

On April 27, the FCAAD issued a press release stating that the Prime Minister’s Office had acknowledged Michael’s letter and issued a registration number of the Public Grievances Portal in response.

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