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Fake SC Certificate Scandal Involving Famous Singer Amrit Maan's Father, Sparks Protests in Punjab

Fake SC Certificate Scandal Involving Famous Singer Amrit Maan’s Father, Sparks Protests in Punjab

Days after the news of Sarbjeet Singh’s fraudulent acquisition of a government job with a fake SC certificate broke, the protests erupted in various districts of Punjab.
Sarbjeet singh is the father of famous singer Amrit Maan who often boast about his Jatt caste pride in his songs.

The occurrence was brought to public attention when Avtar Singh Sahota, a former Punjab officer, lodged a complaint with Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann. In his complaint, Sahota accused Sarbjeet of securing the job with a counterfeit SC certificate and holding the position for more than 34 years.

The protestors gathered near Bhagwan Valmiki Chowk and marched throughout the city, resulting in the closure of most commercial establishments. Some banks that remained open were also forced to shut down.

Protesters emphasized the demand for the cancellation of all wrongly issued Scheduled Caste certificates. They called for a thorough verification process to ensure that deserving candidates receive the benefits of reservation policies. The protesters feel that rectifying the issue of forged caste certificates is vital to maintaining the fairness and integrity of the system.

Tensions escalated when a few shopkeepers objected to the bandh, leading to police intervention to pacify the situation. In Bathinda, the protesters announced their intention to intensify the agitation throughout the state, underscoring the need for swift action to address the problem of fake caste certificates.

The government now faces the challenge of addressing these grievances and implementing measures to ensure a fair and transparent process for the allocation of reserved category opportunities in Punjab.

Fake SC Certificate Scandal Involving Famous Singer Amrit Maan's Father, Sparks Protests in Punjab

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