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Madhya Pradesh: As hospital denies ambulance, an SC child sits at roadside with his two-year-old brother’s body

In Morena, Madhya Pradesh, eight-year-old Gulshan was found sitting at the roadside against a wall near a drain for two hours with his two-year-old brother’s dead body. He was waiting for his father to return with some transport after the hospital refused to provide an ambulance.

Poojaram Jatav, the father of the late child Raja is a resident of Badfra village in Ambah, brought his son to Morena District Hospital. Raja was suffering from anemia and ascites, and died during the treatment.

After the death, Poojaram was refused from hospital for an ambulance back to the village. He was asked to get it outside the hospital which would have cost him around Rs 1500. That was an unaffordable price for a poor rural Scheduled Caste family. He asked his eight-year-old child to stay and look after the body with a hope of returning with some help. 

This was noticed by some locals and a journalist who reported the incident. The hospital staff then had to manage an ambulance for Poojaram. 

Most of the senior doctors inside the hospital were occupied with the Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s rally when this happened, reports Times of India

The visuals of this incident took the internet by storm, followed by a massive outrage resulting in the MP Government ordering the local administration to look into the matter and report to them for further actions.

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