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Sachin Pilot’s shoddy response to Inder Meghwal’s cold-blooded murder

“In the future, our brothers and sisters from the Dalit-Adivasi community shouldn’t feel that the provisions that we have made for them are weak…Things must be lacking somewhere, that is why such incidents are happening repeatedly.” 

“His teacher beat him and he died… what can be sadder than this? We have to send out a message to people from the Dalit community… that we are with them. We won’t be able to achieve this only by making laws and rules, or giving speeches…”

“It is not enough to say that this happens in other states too. In any state, village or city, if this happens with Dalits and Adivasis… there has to be zero tolerance. We can’t say that since it’s happening in other states, it’s happening here too… If we can’t end that mentality, we are not doing our job.” 

-Sachin Pilot

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