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Telangana: Class 7 Scheduled Caste girl student from Govt. Residential School found dead by hanging in class room

In a tragic incident, a scheduled caste class 7 student from a government residential school in Telangana was found dead by hanging on Monday evening in the Nagar Kurnool district.

The deceased, Nikhita, 13, studied at the school in Manamor village of Amrabad mandal.

It has been reported that she was harassed by the school principal and staff, which may have led her to take such an extreme and unfortunate step. The incident has once again brought to light the issue of caste discrimination in educational institutions and the well-being of scheduled caste students.

Dr Praveen Kumar, an IPS officer (Retd) and former Secretary of TSWREIS (Telangana Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society and Telangana Tribal Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society) raised his concern and criticized the KCR government in a tweet, saying: “Sorry for this, but heartbroken to share the image of Nikitha who ended her life in the classroom today in a welfare school in #Telangana. While we are demanding counsellors in every school/college, our rulers are busy racing cars and scams. ⁦@TelanganaCMO⁩ are you still awake?”

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