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UP: SC man  refuses the demand for Liquor party after his son's birth, killed in Bareilly

UP: SC man refuses the demand for Liquor party after his son’s birth, killed in Bareilly

In a disturbing incident, a 25-year-old Dalit man lost his life after he was allegedly assaulted by four individuals in the Piparthara Village of Bareilly district, Uttar Pradesh. The incident occurred on 11th July when four men forcefully entered the residence of Sachin Kumar, demanding sweets, and money for a celebratory liquor party. The demand ensued after his wife, Shivani, gave birth to a baby boy. When Kumar, who worked as a farmer with modest earnings, refused their demand due to financial constraints, the situation escalated drastically. Upon refusal, they thrashed him to such an extent that he was admitted to the Bareilly hospital, succumbing to his injuries on 30th July.

The four accused, namely Vishal, Kallu, Akash, and Akku, all residents of the same village tied Kumar to a tree and subjected him to severe assault, using an iron rod as their weapon of choice. The sustained attack left Kumar with severe injuries that ultimately proved fatal.

According to the complaint filed by Kumar’s family members, his mother Geeta Devi and his wife Shivani, the assailants had targeted Kumar while he was away working in the fields. Shivani, alone at home, faced their aggression as they demanded sweets and money. The situation took a violent turn when their demands were met with Shivani’s refusal, leading to verbal abuse and misconduct. Upon learning of the distressing incident, Kumar’s family immediately rushed to their home.

The Police Superintendent of Faridpur Police Station, Rajkumar Aggarwal, has booked the accused, invoking Sections 304 of Indian Penal Code, pertaining to culpable homicide, along with the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act. As of now, three out of the four accused have been apprehended and are in police custody. Authorities are actively pursuing the fourth individual, Vishal, who is currently at large.

The tragic demise of Sachin Kumar serves as a poignant reminder of the persistent challenges faced by Dalit individuals in India and underscores the importance of upholding justice and equality for all citizens.

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