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Uttar Pradesh: Teacher locked a Dalit student in toilet for 18 hours

In Auraiya district of Uttar Pradesh, a 11-year-old Dalit student was locked in the school toilet by a teacher, Vijay Kushwaha, for nearly 18 hours. He was rescued by other teachers the next morning. 

Once the child reached home, he narrated the entire incident to his family. The police arrested the accused teacher on Sunday after the FIR was registered by the family after the incident. 

When the child remained locked in the school toilet, the family started searching for him everywhere all day and night, reported the father. “My son returned home in a traumatized state,” he added. 

The child narrated other forms of discrimination he along with other Dalit students had to face in the school. He explained how the upper caste teacher ruthlessly served mid-day meal rotis, and abused them when they asked for extra curry.

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