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Bengaluru: Father Kills Daughter Over Inter-Caste Relationship

Bengaluru: Father Kills Daughter Over Inter-Caste Relationship

In a deeply disturbing incident, Bengaluru police have apprehended a 50-year-old man for the brutal murder of his 17-year-old daughter, who had eloped with her Dalit boyfriend. The accused, hailing from Mysuru, surrendered to the authorities after perpetrating the heinous crime at a relative’s residence in Bengaluru around 10 am on Saturday.

According to police reports, the victim was involved with a Dalit youth, a relationship vehemently opposed by her father due to their differing castes; the victim belonged to the Vokkaliga Gowda community. In an attempt to separate the couple, the accused forced his daughter to abandon her college education and sent her to live with a relative in Bengaluru, hoping to sever her ties with her boyfriend.

Tragically, on October 14, the young woman went missing, prompting her parents to travel to Bengaluru. Subsequently, they reported her disappearance to the police. After an intensive search, law enforcement located the girl with her boyfriend, leading to his arrest. A Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) case was filed against him.

However, on the fateful Saturday, driven by a warped sense of family honour, the accused attacked his daughter with a machete, resulting in her untimely death. During the violent altercation, the victim’s mother also sustained injuries as she bravely attempted to intervene.

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