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Madhya Pradesh: A Police Officer brutally assaults an old man

A video from Jabalpur Railway Station was shared on social media where a policeman is seen brutally assaulting, kicking and thrashing an old man.  The officer then hangs the old man upside down at the platform.

Police brutality is not a new thing in India. In the pretext of managing law and order in the country, officers have involved in unlawful actions themselves. We have come across a number of reports where many officers unlawfully assault citizens, and still no actions are taken against them. 

“There is a BJP led government here. Hope the old man gets justice.”

“There is a BJP led government here,” tweets social activist Susheel Shinde, mentioning Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the Chief Minister of Madhya Minister, “hope the old man gets justice.”

One of the BSP spokespersons, Sudhindra Bhadoria asks if they are policemen or feudal goons.

Lack of public outrage on incidents like this go on to normalize police brutality and show how we are detached from effective criminal justice.

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