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Madhya Pradesh: An SC family miserably beaten because their daughter went to school

In yet another caste atrocity, a 16 year old scheduled caste school going girl in Madhya Pradesh ’s Bawaliakhedi village was stopped by the ‘upper’ caste groups. Later when her brother intervened, he was beaten by them. 

They did not stop there, they went to the girl’s house with their kins to beat her other family members, too.

“They objected to my schooling because girls from their families do not go to school.”

The girl was accosted by Kundan Rajput, Dharmendra Singh, Sajan Singh, Man Singh, Makhan Singh, Ishwar Singh and Tufan Singh Rajput from the same village, she reported to local media. 

“They snatched my school bag and asked me why I go to school while other girls of the village don’t,” she added, “They objected to my schooling because girls from their families do not go to school. They beat up my brother when he objected to their comment and later beat up my other family members, too.”

The Kotwali police in Shajapur filed a complaint against seven, including those mentioned above under SC/ST (Prevention of atrocities) Act and other relevant sections. The accused, in turn, has filed a cross FIR against the girl’s family for ‘assault’, without acknowledging their own motive to initiate the criminal activity.

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