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Mumbai: Builder refuses to sell property to a dalit Lawyer, six booked

The chikalthana Police has registered a complaint against the owner and staffers of an underconstruction private housing site for refusing to sell property to a Dalit.

A lawyer named Mahendra Gandle, belonging to Scheduled Caste community was refused to buy a house because of his caste. According to FIR complaint, Gandle on January 7 went to the site where he was shown a sample house by the staffer at the site. When he showed his interest in buying a house, The staffer asked about his caste and as soon as they got to know about it, they refused to sell the House as the owner of the project had told them not to sell the property to any ‘Dalit Person’.An FIR has been registered against six persons under relevant sections of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989 and section 4 (punishment for the preaching and practice of Untouchability ), section 6 (whoever on the ground of “untouchability” refuses to sell any services) and 7(1-A) (offence of untouchability as a revenge) under Protection of Civil Rights Act 1955.

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