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Ritesh Jyoti

Ritesh Jyoti is a Mass media student. Interests in Phule-ambedkarite/Bahujan Socia-Political movement. Is active on social media riteshjyotii

Support for Draupadi Murmu’s presidential candidacy strengthens everyday

BJD, YSRC, BSP, JMM, JD(S), Shiv Sena, SBSP, etc to support BJP-led NDA presidential candidate Draupadi Murmu.

BJP’s decision to choose a Tribal woman for their presidential candidate has given them huge support so far. Many non-NDA parties have decided to Support Draupadi Murmu to become India’s first tribal & second woman president.

BJD, the ruling party of Odisha extended their support to Draupadi Murmu calling her “Odisha Daughter ” thereafter, Andhra Pradesh’s ruling party joined in to support saying a historic decision of post independence. BSP chief Mayawati announced her unconditional support to Draupadi Murmu saying Adivasis are an important part of Bahujan samaj. 

Jharkhand’s ruling party JMM also steps in to support, welcoming Murmu with a bouquet. Despite the political crisis going on in Maharashtra between Shiv Sena and BJP, Shiv sena decided to support Murmu for presidential candidate. 

On the way, Even SBSP chief, OP Rajbhar also declared to support Murmu after a talk with Home minister Amit Shah.

On July 16, VBA president, Adv. Prakash Ambedkar tweeted saying: Requesting Mr. Yeshwant Sinha withdrew from the Presidential race because many Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe members from across the parties are joining to vote in favor of Madam Draupadi Murmu.

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